”Russia tries to control the transport routes of its own products itself”

1. ALUEKEHITYS, 2. TULEVAISUUDEN ENNAKOINTI, 3. STRATEGIAPROSESSIT, 5. Koillisväylä, Arktinen meriteknologia, 7. Logistiikka ja yhteydet, 8. Energia ja ympäristö, IN ENGLISH

Myllylä, Yrjö (2007). Russia tries to control the transport routes of its own products itself. Baltic Rim Economies, expert article 158. 21.12.2007. <expert_article158_62007>

The growth area of the Arctic and Baltic Sea in the focus of Finland’s interests

1. ALUEKEHITYS, 2. TULEVAISUUDEN ENNAKOINTI, 3. STRATEGIAPROSESSIT, 4. Osaamis- ja koulutustarpeiden ennakointi, 5. Koillisväylä, Arktinen meriteknologia, 6. Kaivostoiminta, 7. Logistiikka ja yhteydet, 8. Energia ja ympäristö, 9.1 Matkailu, 9.2 Kauppa, rakentaminen, ICT, hyvinvointi, palvelut, IN ENGLISH, METODI, O. YHDYSKUNTASUUNNITTELU JA MAANKÄYTTÖ

TEM 43/2010: Arktinen ja Itämeren kasvualue Suomen intressien polttopisteessä.

Myllylä, Yrjö (2010). The Growth area of the Arctic and Baltic Sea in the focus of Finland’s interests. 92 p. Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Regional Development 43/2010. Edita Publishing Ltd, Helsinki.


The increasing interest of the great powers in the Arctic and the Baltic Sea region, world economic growth and rise of raw material prices, Russia’s geopolitical movement further to the North, climate change and the growth of the trafficability of the North- East Passage are background factors for a change which offers new possibilities for the economical life and employment in Northern Europe.

The report has made suggestions, which could promote the common interest of Finland as well as the whole area and in the implementation Finland could provide special skills, values and a good position in the heart of the region. The dissertation “Industrial, Logistic and Social Development of the Murmansk Region until 2025” by the author where he deals with the future of Murmansk and Northwest Russia would form the most important separate background research to be utilised.

The main conclusions are summarized below in 20 initiatives. In these the main idea and arguments are presented in detail in the actual text of the report. Statement of the report is presented in a total of 70 proposals of development: 1. Northern concept of trust – use of the concept, 2. The research and development program of Arctic transportation, energy and environmental technology, 3. Finland to participate in Aurora Borealis, a ship from which arctic research could be done, 4. An international cluster developing project together with operators in the Murmansk region 5. Baltic Sea Region, preparation of scenarios, 6. Future economic profiles of the Republic of Karelia, Arkhangelsk Oblast, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, 7. The Northern Dimension cluster strategy – clusters developed in Finland from the perspective of the Northern Dimension, a regional profiling, 8. Finland and Northwest Russia as part of the development of tourism in Northern Europe, 9. International language training in the undisturbed environment of the centers of touris , 10. The Russian capital in Finland, 11. New Finnish mining company in Helsinki and London Stock Exchange – business idea should be prospecting, mining rights acquisition in the Barents Region including Finland and the sale of licence rights, 12. Use of the ”Vyborg-option “ – utilisation of the position of the region in Finnish Arctic and offshore shipbuilding skills for the need of Vyborg and St. Petersburg shipyards, 13. Arctic research vessels – a new strategic opportunity, 14. Offshore technology for Arctic conditions, 15. Arctic oil fighting vessels – a platform for innovation in the Baltic Sea, a growing market, especially in the Arctic area, 16. Supply of energy-saving technology and creation of conditions for implementation, 17. Renewable energies, i.e. bio- and wind-energy co-operation, 18. Natural gas network and the development of distribution system in Finland, taking into account the transfer possibilities of wood- and biogas 19. Company Visits – in order to present the technological know-how and Finnish transportation service to people who decide on the logistic of the harbours and shipyards in Murmansk, northwest Russia and the North-East Passage area, 20. Processing of proposals 1-19 for regional projects.

The author is of the opinion that the most important thing to create an impact would be to implement proposal number 20. According to the expert feedback, in order to promote employment the most important proposals are 2., 17., and 7., 8., 11., 14. and 20.