Mauri Myllylä: BIKING IN PRACTICE – Ideas and acts to promote walking and cycling – Publishing in Montreal 8.2.2017

Mauri Myllylä
Biking in Practice
Ideas and acts to promote walking and cycling
ISBN 978-952-99539-5-0


Author was choiced for Cyclist of the year 2015. Photograph Juha Metso,  Helsingin Sanomat.

This book tells about how working in different positions, one can influence walking and cycling issues.  Forgetfulness and bad memories are parts of our own history and our own past. Tacit knowledge is worth telling and writing down with coming interests in mind. This is really important during this year 2017 when Finland is celebrating its hundredth year of independency.

Mauri Myllylä has worked for the City of Oulu, Finland (1961-1998) as the Director of Traffic Planning and subsequently as the Director of Street and Green Space Services. After retirement (1999-2012) he served as the expert advisor and mentor to both the State Highway Enterprise and Navico Consulting. The work consisted traffic planning, service of public administration, preparation of decision-making and co-operation with different officials. Also, he has worked as an assistant teacher at the University of Oulu (1961-1988). Traffic and transportation planning in cities has been the main subject of teaching.

Walking and cycling are not any separate phenomenon but are connected in daily life. In traffic politics, traffic modes and traffic environment should be considered as a whole. Mauri Myllylä has influenced town planning by emphasizing sustainable development and ethical values.  During recent years, traffic governments have started to speak about intelligent or wise movement thinking “in regards to” car traffic or light traffic. This does not tell the whole truth. In this book, this topic is examined more precisely. The special focus is directed towards winter cycling, which has aroused interest in many northern countries. The focus of the Aalto University’s Summer School in 2016 was complexity, which is embedded in all modern traffic from behavior to technological inter-dependence.  The professional material of this book was the foundation of writer`s lecture in 2016.

The book can be purchased at the Winter Cycling Congress in Montreal from the 8th to 10th February 2017 at the following price:            30 CAD               25 USD               23 €          The payment can be made as a bank transaction to the bank account of RD Aluekehitys Oy. (Price selling in Finland is 25 € including VAT. In Addition to this delivering costs.)

Contact persons in the Congress: Mr. Timo Perälä (+ 358 40 7060 415, timo.perala(@) and Mr. Pekka Tahkola (+ 358 40 7394 003, pekka.tahkola(@) Finland.

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