”Biking in Practice. Ideas and acts to promote walking and cycling”

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Liikennementori 23.8.2016:

”Aalto University Summer School on Transportation has defined itself as an establishment which offers a creative and practical approach to understanding and solving current traffic problems in both developed and developing countries. The Summer School is organized by the School of Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Last theme was Embracing the Complexity of Mobility 15.-19.8.2016. The focus of the Summer School was complexity which is embedded in all modern traffic from behavior to technological interdependence. The theme Biking in Practice was for the first time included in the Summer School program in its social thematic groups. Biking too includes features from human behavior to technological interdependence. Biking is physically simple movement. But biking is the complex traffic mode. It is the demanding part of urban planning. The purpose of my presentation was to indicate that.”

Source: Biking in Practice. Ideas and acts to promote walking and cycling